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India: 3D Bio-Printing Of Tissues/Organs

India: 3D Bio-Printing Of Tissues/Organs

Written by David

July 10, 2020


“Patent data shows that 55% of the total patent publications in 3d printing of tissue/organ domain are pending patent applications. Higher percentages of applications point to a growing market”


Bioprinting refers to an additive manufacturing technique that is used for the creation of organ/tissue-like structures that mimic the natural organs/tissues. 3D printers deposit layers of material otherwise known as bioinks to create various complex bodily structures including bones, skin, and even corneas. The technique is widely applicable to the fields of medicine and bioengineering.


Normally, the 3D bioprinting involves the same mechanism as that of the conventional 3D printers. In bioprinting, living cell suspensions are used for the printing. The required cells are normally extracted from a patient or, if this is not possible, adult stem cells can be used and cultured into a bioink to ‘print’ an organ or tissue objects. These cells are normally held together through […]

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