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Innovations in 3D printing lead to implantable blood vessels

Innovations in 3D printing lead to implantable blood vessels

Written by David

October 22, 2019


The researchers from South Korea and Hong Kong published the results of the study in Applied Physics Reviews on October 22. The report includes details of the triple-coaxial 3D printing technology they developed and analysis of unique architecture, physical strengths, and biological activity of engineered blood vessels.


Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death globally and results in over one million vascular bypass/replacement surgeries annually in the United States alone. There is a growing need for vascular substitutes for clinical use in patients who do not qualify for autologous vessels. Synthetic vascular grafts have been generally unsuccessful and result in fragile reconstructions that are prone to blockage.


Tissue engineering has emerged as a promising technique to overcome previous challenges for the reconstruction of biomimetic multiple-layered tissue-engineered blood vessels (TEBVs). However, this process can be laborious and time-consuming. Several strategies such as polymer scaffolds, self-assembling cell-sheets, […]

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