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Is Bioprinting the Future of Anti-aging Skincare?

Is Bioprinting the Future of Anti-aging Skincare?

Written by David

September 23, 2020


Imagine if you could print yourself a new skin. Wrinkles and wounds begone with the flick of a switch. I appreciate that this sounds far-fetched, but I have been looking into bioprinting and anti-aging applications are not so far off into the future.


So what is bioprinting?


Bioprinting is a type of 3D printing that uses actual cells and other biological materials as “inks” to fabricate 3D biological structures. Bioprinted materials have the potential to repair damaged organs, cells, and tissues in the human body.


All sorts of cell types are being studied for bioprinting including stem cells, muscle cells, and endothelial cells. When printed, each layer of cells will cool and stick to one another (due to the collagen), creating a solid, stable structure. Researchers have used bioprinting to introduce cells to help repair the heart after a heart attack as well as deposit cells […]

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