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Kisawa Sanctuary: inside the world’s first 3D-printed retreat

Kisawa Sanctuary: inside the world’s first 3D-printed retreat

Written by David

December 1, 2019


The future of responsible travel won’t be determined by paper straws or bamboo-fibre towels. Of course, rethinking what goes in the house is a commendable start – but maybe we need to reinvent how we build the house, too.


Kisawa Sanctuary, the purported world’s first 3D-printed retreat, flung off the eastern coast of Mozambique on the white-sand beaches of Benguerra Island, is scheduled to open next summer.


The brainchild of globe-trotting entrepreneur Nina Flohr, it’s set to be an industry blueprint for maximally local, minimally invasive projects. ‘We’ve used design as a tool, not as a style,’ she says, ‘to ensure Kisawa is integrated, culturally and environmentally, to Mozambique .’ Flohr, whose father, Thomas Flohr, masterminded private-aviation company VistaJet in 2004, first visited Africa at the age of 15; the experience lingered, forging a desire to innovate in the name of conservation. […]

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