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Model complexity

Model complexity

Written by David

November 28, 2019


Understanding and communicating the form of one of the world’s most complex building designs was a tricky task. Stephen Holmes looks at how Killa Design used 3D printing to breakdown the intricacies of Dubai’s Museum of the Future


The Museum of the Future has almost no straight lines in its design Dubai’s Museum of the Future is one of the most complex structures ever built.


Its curved exterior and steel skeleton make it almost impossible for some to comprehend. Standing at 78 metres high and with barely a straight line in sight, its elliptical design has turned it into a landmark design in a city not short of adventurous architecture. Primarily an exhibition space, which will showcase innovative and futuristic concepts, the building was designed by architects Killa Design.


Its futuristic torus-shaped structure won the design competition for the building in 2015, with its unique shape and column-free interior […]

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