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MRI effective for 3D printing of preop orbital plates

MRI effective for 3D printing of preop orbital plates

Written by David

April 7, 2020


The findings offer patients and surgeons a radiation-free alternative to CT, which has long been the gold standard for staging orbital fracture surgery, wrote a team led by Dr. Thomas Cooper of Royal Perth Hospital in Australia.


“[Our] research suggests that MRI is comparable to CT when imaging isolated orbital blowout fractures,” the group wrote. Orbital fractures are common traumatic injuries to the orbital floor, most often caused by blunt trauma, the group wrote. Imaging is used at a variety of stages for the condition, with CT as the go-to modality for this application.


CT has some downsides, however, including the potential for cataracts as the result of repeated radiation exposure. That’s why interest in using MRI to create preoperative, 3D-printed reconstructive plates has increased, according to Cooper and colleagues. “MRI has been proposed as an alternative to CT scanning for […]

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