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Navy turns to 3D printing solutions to support fleet at sea

Navy turns to 3D printing solutions to support fleet at sea

Written by David

January 31, 2020


Royal Australian Navy sailors aboard HMAS Parramatta have used 3D printing technology to support the fleet while deployed, using the innovative technology to replace key components. HMAS Parramatta ’s embarked Innovation Unit demonstrated its capability during the ship’s recent East Asia Deployment, using 3D printing to replicate necessary items and developing new skills.


Overcoming obstacles while at sea is all in a day’s work for an innovative group of sailors in HMAS Parramatta , who are putting their problem-solving skills and innovative approach at the forefront of their daily work. Petty Officer Electronic Technician Nathan Little, the Unit Innovation Coordinator, said significant innovations have already improved capability on board. “Our 3D printing workshop was very successful during our deployment, producing three practical and real-world solutions and returning capability back to our command,” PO Little said. SPONSORED CONTENT “We worked closely with other areas of the ship to identify issues […]

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