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New IDTechEx Report on Smart Cities Emerging Materials Markets

New IDTechEx Report on Smart Cities Emerging Materials Markets

Written by David

December 10, 2020


This IDTechEx report provides a comprehensive market analysis of multifunctional smart materials, bioplastics, structural electronics, composites, 3D printing, graphene, 2D and 3D molecules, 5G, 6G, IOT and new recycling.


“Expect a $400 billion smart city materials market. Smart buildings, new energy, food, water, travel” – IDTechEx Smart cities are now much more ambitious. That means new materials are their biggest enabler, with information and computer technology dropping to an important support role. In its lucid information-packed 340 pages, the IDTechEx report, “Smart Cities Emerging Materials Markets 2021-2041” explains. Researched by IDTechEx multilingual PhD level analysts across the world and constantly updated, the emphasis of the report is commercial opportunities and benefits to society. No nostalgia and no academic obscurity. Many new billion-dollar businesses will be created from this emerging market of hundreds of billions of dollars yearly for largely new materials for new requirements. Consider the $0.5 trillion NEOM […]

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