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Pakistani volunteers 3D-print ventilators, join war against COVID-19


The novel coronavirus is on the prowl across the globe, killing and sickening people by thousands. People in Pakistan are extremely scared. And rightfully so because Pakistan’s dilapidated health care would cave in if the COVID-19 cases surge quickly as has happened in Europe, especially in Italy, and Iran.


In the two countries, many COVID-19 patients are dying due to lack of ventilators. In this depressing situation, a group of volunteers is offering a glimmer of hope. Pakistan Against COVID19-Volunteers (PAC-V), a group formed less than a week ago, is using 3D printing to manufacture all the necessary medical and safety equipment – including ventilators – to deal with the deadly contagion. PHOTO: EXPRESS The group aims to produce affordable ventilators, respiratory valves, etc indigenously, at a large scale but in a short time. The 3D printing process builds a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design model usually […]

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