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Partnership for 3D Pharmaceutical Printing

Partnership for 3D Pharmaceutical Printing

Written by David

April 24, 2020


Health care is poised for a potential giant leap forward thanks to the 3D printing of medications. To advance the technology and science of 3D pharmaceutical printing, Purdue University ‘s College of Pharmacy and Aprecia Pharmaceuticals , LLC are launching a comprehensive collaboration on future 3DP pharmaceutical equipment and medications.


“Aprecia’s mission is to maximize and expand its 3DP technology platform through global partnerships that will provide pharmaceutical solutions for unmet patient needs,” said Chris Gilmore, CEO of Aprecia. “Purdue University is an esteemed institution, and we are confident that this partnership will advance our future in 3DP pharmaceutical research and development.” Aprecia Pharmaceuticals is the world leader in 3D pharmaceutical processes; in 2015 Aprecia developed the first 3D printed medication to receive FDA approval. According to Eric Barker, […]

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