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Printable organs? What’s next for 3D printing?

Printable organs? What's next for 3D printing?

Written by David

January 6, 2020


One day we might be able to print replacement organs for those who need them. And that day may come sooner than you think.


Researchers at Rice University experimenting with “Bioprinting” — a technology that uses 3D printing to create tissue-like structures — overcame a major hurdle with the tech and were able to print a small “air sac” that mimics the function of a lung in mid-2019. The organ is smaller than a penny and resembles “vascular networks that mimic the body’s natural passageways for blood, air, lymph and other vital fluids.”


Layer by layer the faux organ is built up, exposed to blue light making the layers solid. Story continues below The “tissue” created was strong enough to resist bursting during simulated blood flow and replicate the intake and outflow of air during simulated “breathing” tests. While bioprinting is still very much in its infancy, it may, […]

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