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Quasi-Solid-State 3D Printed Battery Features Improved Stability & Density

Quasi-Solid-State 3D Printed Battery Features Improved Stability & Density

Written by David

July 22, 2020


3D printing is continually associated with the energy industry, from wind turbines to fuel cells and a variety of different casings for batteries. Now, researchers from Singapore and China are exploring ways to 3D print unique structures like free-standing 3D printed electrodes—with a variety of different structural designs.


Outlining the details of their study in the recently published “ 3D Printed Compressible Quasi-Solid-State Nickel-Iron Battery ,” the authors (led by Hui Ying Yang of Singapore University of Technology and Design ) share more about the innovative design meant to supply high-energy density and improved stability—with 10,000 charge-recharge cycles. As innovations within the 3D printing industry continue to emerge at an accelerated rate due to user needs—and their impressive refusal to accept limitations within hardware, software, and materials—progress is being made for improved energy storage via batteries. In this latest study, 3D printing was used for rapid prototyping of battery […]

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