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RepRap Festival came back online for 2021

RepRap Festival came back online for 2021

Written by David

June 29, 2021


Excited chatter over the soft whir and zip of machines, bent on painstaking tasks to grow designs from scratch, returned to the Elkhart County Fairgrounds this weekend as the Midwest RepRap Festival resumed its annual course. Makers with 3D printers and enthusiasts gathered to geek out over objects made, designs shared, designs modified, equipment used and possibilities ahead for this process of creation.


The most visible results came in the form of figurines and props that paid homage to movies, video games and comic books. “We’re really excited to be able to have it back, to have all the people come out,” said Sonny Mounicou, one of the event’s organizers. “It’s a great win.” Mounicou and John Olafson helped bring the festival back for its eighth year after having to put it on hiatus last year […]

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