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Riding the Rails with Wabtec into the 21st Century with 3D Printing

Riding the Rails with Wabtec into the 21st Century with 3D Printing

Written by Paul

December 29, 2020


Rail transportation is key to our global infrastructure and, in some ways, could be the future of that infrastructure in the face of climate collapse.


For those reasons, it’s crucial that the rail industry stay ahead of the curve in terms of adopting new, potentially leaner manufacturing technologies. Among the businesses that is crucial to that industry adoption is the Wabtec Corporation , who has become an early adopter of 3D printing for the manufacturing of end parts for trains. To learn more, we spoke to Jennifer Coyne, Wabtec’s global additive manufacturing (AM) leader. With a market cap of $13.96 billion, Wabtec ( NYSE: WAB ) is a maker of locomotives, as well as freight and passenger transit solutions. The firm has its roots in the Westinghouse Brake Company (WABCO), founded in 1869. After a long history as WABCO, Wabtec was eventually founded as its own company in 1999, with the merger of WABCO and MotivePower, and had its next big corporate move in 2019, when it merged with GE Transportation . As it enters a new era in rail manufacturing, Wabtec has begun producing locomotives with up to 4,000 horsepower (3 MW) and explores fully electric trains, as […]

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