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Seven 3D-printed houses that have been built around the world

Seven 3D-printed houses that have been built around the world

Written by David

May 14, 2021


A Dutch couple recently became the first people in Europe to move into a 3D-printed home, so we have rounded up seven examples of 3D-printed houses from around the world.


3D printing has long been hailed as a potential solution for quickly and efficiently building housing, and this promise is now becoming a reality. Here are seven examples of 3D-printed homes that have already been built, including a bio-plastic micro home and a house printed from a mixture of soil, straw and rice husks. Dutch architecture studio DUS Architects used sustainable bio-plastic to print and construct this eight-square-metre micro cabin in Amsterdam. The structure used deposition modelling, a form of additive manufacturing typically used in household 3D printers, to create its geometric walls. Inside, the cabin has just enough space for a small sleeping area, with a bed that can be put away when not in use. A 3D-printed bath constructed using the same printing technique is located outside. Find out more about the bio-plastic micro home › In collaboration with 3D-printing specialists WASP, Mario Cucinella Architects looked to vernacular architecture and ancient building techniques to create and develop this low-carbon housing prototype. The home comprises two connected […]

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