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Solar facade for 3D-printed concrete house

Solar facade for 3D-printed concrete house

Written by David

December 10, 2020


Image: Heliartec Taiwanese BIPV module manufacturer Heliartec Solutions has deployed a solar facade on a 3D-printed concrete house built at the Centre for Sustainability and Innovation in Construction in Westerlo, Belgium.


The components of the two-floor home, which has a height of 8 meters and a total floor area of 90 square meters, were printed with a fixed 3D concrete printer and installed on-site. The building developers printed the entire building envelope in a single piece on site, which they claim is a world first. The prototype was designed to showcase the technology and the potential of 3D printing in the construction business. “The solar facade was installed within the philosophy of circular construction,” Heliartec Managing Director Andre Feenstra told pv magazine . “The building was optimized for the project to meet the circular vision as much as possible.” Heliartec said the facade insulation system – with integrated support […]

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