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Stratasys’ Scott Crump Retires?

Stratasys’ Scott Crump Retires?

Written by David

September 17, 2020


A post on Wohlers Talk indicates that Scott Crump, founder of Stratasys and inventor of FDM 3D printing, has stepped away from day-to-day activities at the company.


Terry Wohlers writes in the 11 September post: “After 34 years, Scott spent his first day—last Friday—not working full-time for the company, transitioning from chief innovation officer to technology advisor to the board. Scott and his wife, Lisa, co-founded Stratasys in 1989. He served as CEO of the company for 25 years.


”If you’re reading this story and you’re not familiar with Scott Crump, you should be. Crump was one of the three key figures who literally invented 3D printing in the 1980s. Crump’s story is legend: he created a working machine that performed extrusion on his kitchen table using re-purposed 2D printer parts. From this simple start he went on […]

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