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‘Super teacher’ receives advanced bionic ‘hero’ arm

‘Super teacher’ receives advanced bionic ‘hero’ arm

Written by David

June 24, 2020


A teacher born without a right forearm has been given an advanced bionic “hero arm”, which she said has “changed her life forever”.


Vikki Smith, 25, from Berkshire, whose students now describe her as a “super teacher”, had previously found it challenging with only one functioning arm to juggle carrying pens, books and worksheets while trying to help children.


She had her arm funded by the Worshipful Company of Glovers of London, who donate prosthetic hands and arms to people unable to get help from the NHS or through other means. She said: “My previous prosthetics have always been made to look realistic, so they look like real hands. “The hero arm is so different to anything I’ve ever had, but it has given me so much more confidence. “I have always hidden away, I’ve always liked people not looking at me, but then having this, it’s like a […]

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