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Surgeons soon able to print 3D implants during surgery

Surgeons soon able to print 3D implants during surgery

Written by David

December 16, 2019


3D-Druck an der TU Graz (c) TU Graz – Lunghammer A surgeon will soon be able to print an implant, such as a new rib, in the operating room by themselves. This is possible thanks to a specialized 3D printer for medical implants. The Institute of Production Engineering at TU Graz has designed a new method for this purpose. This 3D metal printing process works using LEDs instead of a laser. The implant medical sector has been eagerly awaiting a technical breakthrough in this area for a long time already. Solutions currently available for medical implants are often inadequate or unsatisfactory. Essential surgeries of this kind are difficult for patients. LED-3D metal printing makes optimization of the production process possible for medical implants. 3D printing of metal in the operating room At present, an operation is necessary in order to first measure the damaged area of a patient. If […]

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