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The Best 3D Printing Developments of 2020

The Best 3D Printing Developments of 2020

Written by David

February 3, 2021


As expected, 3D printing continued to grow in popularity during 2020 with an increase of new machines, techniques, materials and resources. Here’s a look at what we saw this year.


First off, some information: MakerBot released a 3D Printing Trends Report featuring statistics gleaned from “over 1,200 responses from professionals across multiple industries, including Aerospace, Industrial Goods, Military & Defense, Medical, and Automotive.” As one example, we learned that most designers prize reliability over accuracy when it comes to choosing a machine. And there were plenty of machines to choose from.


In March Stratasys rolled out their J826 model , a new, mid-range, lower-cost version of their high-end J8 series of 3D printers.
Just a few months later, Stratsys released the J55 , an “office-friendly 3D printer for designers” that’s about 1/3rd the price of the big-boy PolyJet machines.
The same month, MakerBot launched their Method Carbon Fiber Edition. The upgraded machine can handle carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon, making it suitable for printing parts that can replace metal ones.
In August, Formlabs announced their gigantic 3L large-format 3D printer. The build area is an absurd 11.8″ high, 13.2″ wide and 7.9″ deep. In November, Creality Kickstarted their Infinite-Z 3D […]

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