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The Netherlands listed in Top 5 of European hub for innovative 3D printing


Dutch inventors and researchers are among the most active patent applicants at the European Patent Office (EPO) where 3D printing is involved. This is evidenced by a new study that the EPO made public yesterday. Within Europe, the Netherlands ranks fourth in terms of patent applications for 3D printing technology, after Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. This puts the Netherlands in the top spot in the field of 3D printing innovation among the smaller European countries.


Eindhoven region in fifth place In the EPO’s geographical ranking of the most active regions with 3D printing-related patent applications, the Dutch Eindhoven region ranks fifth, after Munich, Barcelona, Zurich, and Berlin. Universities and research institutes make a significant contribution and account for 21% of the number of Dutch 3D-print technology-related patent applications. This proportion from academia is higher than in any other European country and well above the European average of […]

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