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This is the world’s coolest Lego set … literally

This is the world's coolest Lego set ... literally

Written by David

December 27, 2019


If you thought that Lego’s were the coolest toys on the planet while you were growing up, it turns out that you were right.


Scientists at Lancaster University in England conducted an experiment in which they froze several Lego blocks to the lowest possible temperature, and what they discovered could be useful in the development of quantum computing.


Led by Dr. Dmitry Zmeev, the scientists used a custom-made dilution refrigerator, which the university says is the most effective refrigerator in the world. The dilution refrigerator at Lancaster University can reach 1.6 millidegrees above absolute zero, or minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 273.15 Celsius). That is 200,000 times colder than room temperature and 2,000 times colder than deep space, according to the university.


The team of scientists placed a Lego figure along with four Lego blocks inside the dilution refrigerator to see if Legos could be a good thermal […]

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