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This robotic basketball hoop turns bricks into buckets

This robotic basketball hoop turns bricks into buckets

Written by David

June 5, 2020


With a little 3D printing, a handful of motors, and a dollop of ingenuity, YouTuber Shane Wighton of Stuff Made Here has put together a basketball hoop that never lets you miss a shot.


That is unless you really hooked it off to the side, but in that case there’s almost no helping you. Building upon a curved basketball backboard from a previous video, which chucks most direct shots into the net, Wighton decided the second iteration of his self-dunking hoop would need to be more active if it were to ever truly sink every shot. Enter: the robotic basketball hoop. Complete with three motorized arms and tracking courtesy of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor (a long since forgotten relic of a bygone era that’s almost exclusively used to spot ghosts ), the backboard actually tilts and shifts in order to align perfectly with the oncoming ball in order to sink […]

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