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Victrex launches VICTREX PAEK 3D printing filament

Victrex launches VICTREX PAEK 3D printing filament

Written by David

July 21, 2020


High-performance PEAK and PEAK polymer specialist Victrex has announced the official launch of its VICTREX AM 200 filament and named Chinese 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS as its first reseller.


The UK founded company designed the PAEK-based filament specifically for extrusion-based additive manufacturing to overcome common challenges of 3D printing with traditional PEEK materials. Parts printed in VICTREX AM 200 are said to possess very high wear, temperature and fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance to fluid/chemicals.


Jakob Sigurdsson, Victrex CEO said: “This new generation of Victrex additive manufacturing PAEK filament represents an important step forward for Victrex and we are excited now to work closely with INTAMSYS. Due to excellent cooperation with companies and institutions that pursue innovation in additive manufacturing, such as INTAMSYS, as well as Victrex´s continued research, we have been making sustained progress toward creating truly innovative components based on the design freedom of additive manufacturing, combined […]

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