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Yes, You Can Order a 3D-Printed Guest House

Yes, You Can Order a 3D-Printed Guest House

Written by David

June 18, 2020


The concept of 3D printing—or additive manufacturing, as it’s formally known—isn’t a particularly new one. The first 3D printers were built in the 1980s, though the technology wasn’t refined to the point of mass consumerism until the last decade or so. And while 3D printers can now be found in laboratories, classrooms, and architecture studios around the world for printing all kinds of small parts, designers are looking to print the next big thing—quite literally: They’re looking to 3D print houses.


The 3D-printed house industry is still very much in its infancy, though numerous companies are experimenting with new techniques, methods, and hardware in order to advance the technology rapidly. And although we’re not quite at the point where just anyone can order up a 3D-printed home, we can’t help but think ahead to when we can—and we suspect it’ll be ideal for a […]

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