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2020 Industrial Polymer 3D Printer Buying Guide


Industrial 3D printers are those used by companies on the factory floor, generally for manufacturing end products. In a lot of cases, they can also be used for making items such as jigs and fixtures or tooling for manufacturing. In many instances, this ancillary use is more widespread than the dedicated manufacture of millions of products.


Millions of dental crowns, dental intermediates, hearing aids, and jewelry casts are being made with 3D printing, but apart from these cases, high volume manufacturing is still quite rare in 3D printing. It is important to note that there is no such thing as “the best” 3D printer. Depending on your workflow, the amount of space you have, throughput, the materials you use and even the shape of the objects you print, one or another machine could be better. Depending on the size, detail, strength, and wall thickness of a part, many variables […]

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