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A Perfect Pair: 3D Printed Drones


Drones bring great energy to the design and 3D printing realm, with engineers engaged in developing new technology around the world for gathering data and making workflow exponentially more efficient. Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), these devices require highly customized design, detailed planning for transmitters and parts, and specifications for payload, camera options, and mounts. Photography plays a huge role in drone technology, and UAVS may be equipped with extremely high-resolution cameras. These electronics must be protected, however, offering another prime example where additive manufacturing is useful–in fabrication of 3D printed housings and other protective products. Manufacturers and their Products Have Evolved with 3D Printed Drone Projects In the past 15 years, Shapeways has seen the evolution of 3D printed drone projects from futuristic devices that were virtually unknown and unseen to bordering on the ubiquitous, hovering over potential real estate deals, areas prone to extreme weather which generate interest in the media, as well as large spans of land which may need continued surveying like agricultural areas. Quantum-Systems , known for their Trinity F90+ UAVs and the Scorpion UAS, is one of Shapeways’ most dynamic customers. Founded in 2015, their journey in designing and manufacturing high-performance […]

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