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3 Hot Manufacturing and Sourcing Trends Happening Right Now

3 Hot Manufacturing and Sourcing Trends Happening Right Now

Written by David

July 15, 2021


The pandemic continues to drive interesting trends in the manufacturing universe, even as COVID-related restrictions ease and businesses across most industries are beginning to return to some semblance of normal.


Earlier this year MD+DI spoke with Tony Uphoff, president and CEO of Thomas, about top sourcing trends he was seeing that impacted medtech. This week, we gained additional insights into current North American industrial sourcing and supply chain activity during a Thomas webinar that Uphoff led alongside Shawn Fitzgerald, the company’s chief marketing officer. The three takeaways that we found most relevant for the medtech industry are highlighted below. Bringing manufacturing back to the homefront In 2020, Thomas conducted a survey that found 54% of manufacturers surveyed were planning for North American reshoring. The firm conducted the same survey earlier this year and found that 83% of North American manufacturers are planning to reshore. “We’ve all heard the promise of reshoring over the years. It is coming to fruition at this time,” Fitzgerald said. “And for all those folks on the phone in the manufacturing industry here in the U.S., the opportunity is coming straight at you, as they say.” Uphoff said he and Fitzgerald often use […]

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