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3D Concrete Printing: A Step Towards Development in India

3D Concrete Printing: A Step Towards Development in India

Written by Paul

January 8, 2021


3D printing can be used by the robotics industry as part of their engineering design process and to construct and produce their designs. Developing nations such as India have long struggled with urban cities’ slumification, pollution, and population growth.


On the other hand, in terms of technology and the materials used, concrete 3d-printing has achieved a certain sophistication in other countries. Significant policy reforms in Indian metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Delhi are also needed to mitigate the urban housing crisis. These reforms will speed up building times but create environmental concerns because bricks and cement constitute the principal source of building materials.


The environmental burden of this policy-driven construction push may be minimized by a significant technological change in materiality. For the adoption of these sustainable products, which may be difficult to introduce in a competitive market, a push is required. According to India CSR Network, “With India’s aggressively pursuing the objective of creating 60 million houses under the Housing for All by 2022 programme, this achievement will certainly give a huge boost for the mass housing segment.” 3D concrete printing is a type of additive manufacturing used to produce entirely new shapes of buildings or construction […]

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