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3D printed 3D printer represents another significant leap forward for the technology


LumiBee is a unique mini 3D resin printer that uses a smartphone as a light source to polymerise the resin.


The project is free for everyone who wants to create their own device at home. To create it, all you need is an LPD printer. The LumiBee prototype was created on the Zortrax M200 3D printer.


The LumiBee is a unique compact 3D printer that uses photosensitive liquid resin. It has been designed so that 95% of its parts can be printed with a desktop LPD 3D printer. The LumiBee also stands out because it uses the screen of a mobile phone, inserted inside, to transform daylight liquid resin into a three-dimensional object.


Daylight resin for 3D printing allows most smartphones to be used as a light source to solidify the […]

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