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The Intersection of Drones and Additive Manufacturing


SHAPEWAYS.COM 2 This eBook is for designers engaged at the intermediate and advanced 3D printing levels, offering valuable information on drone product development, materials, and technology. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) often put aeronautics brilliance on display for all to see in miniature; however, behind the scenes, these industrial devices require highly customized design, planning for transmitters and parts, as well as detailed specifications for payload, camera mounts, and an array of other options. As both technologies have grown on parallel and often complementary paths, additive manufacturing has made it possible for drone designers on every level to create the UAVs of their dreams. Rapid prototyping allows for accelerated product development with quick turnaround in 3D printed iterations and the ability to customize intensively for any application. SHAPEWAYS.COM 3 3D Printing and Drones: A Powerful Pair From Deliveries to Disaster Zones: Going Above and Beyond 3D Printing Expedites Drone Product Development Designing Drones for Low Weight and Reduced Part Assembly Advanced Materials and Technology for 3D Printing Drones Ensuring Quality with Post-Processing for Drone Technology 10 11 16 TABLE OF CONTENTS SHAPEWAYS.COM 3D PRINTING AND DRONES: A POWERFUL PAIR Conveying speed, resistance to impact, and maximum durability, drones already fulfill […]

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