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3D-Printed 3D Scanner made to work with your phone

3D-Printed 3D Scanner made to work with your phone

Written by David

February 18, 2020


An Arduino-based 3D scanner was created by an industrious 3D printing enthusiast and released open source this week for all to enjoy. This open source project was made to take out the most time-consuming component of the 3D scan process, giving said process instead to an Android phone combined with 3D-printed parts, a cheap motor, and an Arduino.


This is not the first time such a system has been attempted, but it does appear to be the most complete and ready-to-roll system to date. The project we’re looking at today comes from creator QLRO, hosting said project on Thingiverse as of this week. You’ll see this project in action in the YouTube video below – minimalism for the win! The beauty of this project is its simplicity. It utilizes an Android phone which the user probably already has in their pocket, an Arduino (which will cost around $25 USD,) […]

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