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Creality HALOT-ONE resin printer is a great pick for ultra precise hobby 3D printing (in-depth review)


Introduction We’ll readily admit that 3D printing is not our primary field on interest here at GSMArena. That being said, we are all passionate tech nerds and with plenty of varied interests. Ask around the office and you can get solid, in-depth information on anything from cars and fridges to drones and single-board computers and everything in-between, both size and complexity-wise. You get the point.


When CREALITY reached out asking if we wanted to check out their HALOT-ONE (CL-60) Resin 3D printer (for a fair and unsponsored review), we just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity as 3D printing has been an area of interest of mine for quite some time. I have been doing Fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing for over a year now as a hobby on and off and have owned a total of three 3D printers – my current Monoprice Select Mini V2, which is the only one I could reasonably keep with limited home space and before that Prusa i3, which replaced my original Ender 3. So, my baby steps into 3D printing as a whole were done on one of Creality’s 3D printers from the ever-popular Ender line and in a poetic […]

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