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3D Printed Haversian Bone: Biomimicking for Cell Regeneration

3D Printed Haversian Bone: Biomimicking for Cell Regeneration

Written by David

April 7, 2020


Chinese researchers continue to take on the challenge of bone regeneration in tissue engineering, sharing their findings in the recently released ‘ 3D printing of Haversian bone—mimicking scaffolds for multicellular delivery in bone regeneration .’


The fabrication of scaffolds is at the center of successful bone regeneration, but this is an area of medicine that is still known to be difficult—despite a wide range of research projects performed already, from using variations in nanotubes to structures with controlled antibiotic release , alternative materials and coatings.


As the authors point out, while bioprinting is an area of medical research where scientists have made huge strides, there are several reasons that obstacles remain: .
Complexity of hierarchical structures
Mechanical property requirements
Diversity of bone resident cells .
Most regeneration occurs in cancellous bone, however, so this is what researchers must focus on for success in treating patients: “Cancellous bone is a meshwork […]

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