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3D-Printed Hearts = Your Path to 5X Profits

3D-Printed Hearts = Your Path to 5X Profits

Written by David

February 9, 2021


This technology is remaking America … starting in health care. It could save 20 American lives every day. With it, scientists have discovered a way to replicating a beating human heart . It’s also one of the biggest America 2.0 investments you can make today.


3D printing.


The jaw-dropping breakthroughs keep rolling in almost every day. It’s become part of my morning routine just to check for the next big 3D printing leap! As you know, it’s making waves in electric vehicles, rockets set for space, even food and shoes. But my heart has always been in medicine — one area that is being transformed by this America 2.0 tech. Such as the new 3D-printed heart from Minnesota or the South Carolina 3D printing leader that developed “bioink” — made from human tissues and cells — to “bio-print” lungs, kidneys and other organs.


It’s no surprise that the global 3D printing market projected to top $21 billion this year. That’s nearly five times what it was in 2013! 3D Printing Market Size Chart And that’s only the beginning. A new analysis projects the worldwide market for 3D printing products will nearly double over the next three years — […]

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