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3D-printed taxidermy sprouting in Anchorage

3D-printed taxidermy sprouting in Anchorage

Written by David

November 22, 2019


Russell Knight points a tool resembling a staple gun at the animal’s undamaged antler while a computer generates a 3D model of the antler.


By mirroring the unbroken antler, Knight will print the missing part of the caribou rack, marking his first 3D printed reconstruction job on a mount. The new technology opens up a whole new level of quality and efficiency to his work.


“The only other option I have is to run threaded rods out and hand-built it with epoxy putties. With a 3D scanner, I can scan this now, transfer it into my computer, do a little computer work, zip it over to my 3D printer and print it out.” Knight says he first realized the potential benefits of 3D printing on taxidermy four or five years […]

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