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How 3D Printing has Changed the Game in the Medical Field

How 3D Printing has Changed the Game in the Medical Field

Written by David

November 22, 2019


In the last few years, 3D printing technology has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing practices in every field from teaching to astrophysics.


The medical world has seen many benefits as 3D printing becomes less expensive and more accessible. Everything from personalized organs and implants to medical devices can be 3D printed. But how does that change the game?


Cost Savings


Saving time and money are essential goals in any field, and the medical field is no exception. 3D-printed materials, in the future, will not only provide patients with cost-effective organs, implants, and medical devices, but it will also provide doctors with new ways to test and train medical students in developing practices and research.


A typical kidney transplant can cost more than $300,000. 3D printing has the potential to reduce that number to less than $100,000. The 3D printing industry has grown by more than 35% since 2014. […]

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