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3D Printer Controller Boards: Buying Guide and Top Recommendations


The simplicity and user-friendliness of modern 3D printers belie just how much technology lies under the hood.


3D printers have a huge number of motors, sensors, and heating elements that work together to achieve the machine’s purpose. However, the central “brain” that directs all these components is a 3D printer’s controller board.


If you bought a fully assembled desktop 3D printer, then picking a controller board is probably something you won’t need to bother with. This guide is made for those who are into assembling their own DIY 3D printers .


What are 3D printer controller boards? Controller boards are compact printed circuit boards (PCBs) that handle all the logic functions and requirements of a 3D printer. It receives the g-code commands from the slicer software and converts them to commands to the various components of the printer including the motors and heating elements. The controller board also receives […]

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