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3d Printers in 2019: Review of Five Monoprice 3d Printers

Written by David

December 25, 2019


In 2019 I reviewed 9 different 3d printers. Five of them were distributed by Monoprice. Even if you are not interested in a Monoprice 3d Printer this video will help you select your first 3d printers or add a printer to your shop.


The review covers the MP Select Mini, MP Delta Mini, MP Mini SLA, Monoprice MP10, a Creality CR10 clone and the Monprice Ultimate 2.


 .Monoprice Printers on Amazon  

I purchased the Select Mini, Delta Mini and MP10 and Monoprice provided me with the Mini SLA and Ultimate 2 at no charge so I could review them. Additionally, this video discusses direct extruders vs Bowden tube systems and MLSA (SLA) printers vs FDM 3d printers.


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