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Top 5 Videos: The Velaskello project promotes recycling using 3D printing

Top 5 Videos: The Velaskello project promotes recycling using 3D printing

Written by David

June 29, 2021


In this week’s top five we will cover a universally important topic: recycling. Specifically, we will get familiar with the Velaskello project, by SuperForma, which uses 3D printing with PLA to incorporate more sustainable solutions that reduce humanity’s ecological footprint. Also, we will see how the Nissan company has integrated additive manufacturing into its factory located in Barcelona. Lastly, we will learn just how Nike Air Force 1 has been given a new life with 3D printing.


1: Velaskello 3D Printing As we’ve seen numerous times, 3D technology and recycling are a winning duo. This has been demonstrated by the Velaskello project, which was born after research on the use of 3D printing with PLA . In fact, in this study, it was deduced that the PLA used in digital manufacturing is biodegradable, but not compostable. For this reason, in many cities, PLA does not find a place within recycling systems. But what if this idea were to be turned around and the material used for other purposes? This is the vision of SuperForma through Velaskello, to reduce the negative impact on the ecological […]

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