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3D Printers with an AI Brain


Most of us savor spaghetti. The word that describes the long, thin staple of Italian cuisine, however, is best avoided in the world of additive manufacturing.


Typically used to describe the tangled mess of stringy plastic that often results from a failed print, the term gives 3D printers sleepless nights. For 3D hobbyists, an open-source software like Spaghetti Detective can monitor prints and notify users if it detects a possible print failure.


But that won’t cut ice with big manufacturing companies where the failure of a single critical part during an industrial 3D printing process can pose a very serious problem. Not only does it lead to a colossal waste of material and time but it also lowers productivity and adds to the cost of manufacturing a part. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered 3D printing promises to effectively bridge this gap. Armed Forces Prove Early Movers […]

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