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3D printing and injection moulding combined for stronger parts and quicker builds


Injection moulding offers high speed, efficient manufacturing, while 3D printing is great for rapid prototyping, customisation and complex structures. What if the two could be combined?


A researcher at the University of Massachusetts Lowell has achieved just that with a new technique known as injection printing, aimed at addressing speed, strength and accuracy issues within the growing $4bn plastic 3D printing market.


Plastics engineering professor David Kazmer tackled those issues by combining material extrusion of outer surfaces of parts at fine resolution, with injection moulding of larger interior cavities at high flow rates. The denser parts have more isotropic properties that approach injection moulding. The combination reportedly increases the production rate of 3D printing while enhancing the strength and properties of the resulting products. The technique typically produces objects about three-times faster than […]

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