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3D Printing in Developing Countries & Low-Resource Environments: Localized Manufacturing


In the recently published ‘ A Methodology for Triaging Product Needs for Localized Manufacturing with 3D Printing in Low-Resource Environments ’ Benjamin Lyle Savonen offers a dissertation for the Pennsylvania State University College of Engineering , exploring improved methods for making products locally with the use of progressive technology—referred to as ‘locally manufacturing products with 3D printing (LM3D).


’ The benefits of transitioning to 3D printing—as well as using it with other conventional manufacturing techniques—have brought on more than a passing interest by most industrialists, scientists, designers, and users at the DIY/maker level; in fact, digital manufacturing is considered to be the next industrial revolution. Greater affordability in production and intensified speed are just a sampling of the advantages being enjoyed today via 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes. Users are also able to produce items on one machine (the 3D printer), offering a way to fill demand ‘in low-resource […]

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