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3D printing is emerging as a core focus for UPS

3D printing is emerging as a core focus for UPS

Written by David

April 22, 2020


The March issue of Supply Chain Management Review featured an article on the state of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. The timing was prescient, I think, since many of the analysts I’ve read believe that COVID-19 will hasten the adoption of NextGen supply chain technologies.


Two of the co-authors were former and present UPS executives: Alan Amling, a former UPS vice president, is now a fellow at the University of Tennessee, and Dan McMackin is a public relations manager at UPS. While the article was not about UPS, their contributions as co-authors raised the question: So, what’s UPS’s interest in 3D printing and additive manufacturing? To find out, I spoke to Mara Hunt, UPS’s strategy manager for innovation.


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