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3D Printing Materials – A Powerful Alliance

3D Printing Materials - A Powerful Alliance

Written by David

June 14, 2021


Material selection is key when 3D printing The importance for engineers of selecting the right material for their application. Every engineer understands the importance of making the correct material selection if the product or application they are creating is to be successful.


Material selection also has to take into account the intended manufacturing route for design. So, it probably comes as no surprise that material selection is similarly important when 3D printing is the chosen method of manufacture, regardless of whether the objective is to produce a visual or functional prototype, or a functional end-use part. Ultimaker 3D printers are optimised to use the Ultimaker range of materials, but also third-party materials from the Ultimaker Material Alliance program. Many material manufacturers provide print profiles for their filaments in Ultimaker Cura. When multiple Ultimaker 3D printers are operated in a contained environment, emissions of UFPs and/ or VOCs may vary. Ventilation should be considered when using materials with specific safety requirements. When using print profiles from the Ultimaker Material Alliance and/or other suppliers you should check the safety data sheet of each material for information. The 3D Printing Materials Landscape The expanding and changing face of polymer materials that can […]

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