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3D printing metals or composites–How to choose

3D printing metals or composites–How to choose

Written by Paul

January 13, 2021


By understanding which 3D printed materials are most suitable for a given project, engineers can take full advantage of the efficiency and convenience of 3D printing. Daniel Lazier, Strategic Application Engineer, Markforged The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every industry imaginable.


When the 1918 influenza pandemic caused historic loss of life and huge economic disruption, health and safety concerns were a forcing function for entirely new labor patterns and factory workstreams. As manufacturers strained to adapt and maintain business continuity in the face of these challenges, they turned to a 35-year-old technology to make it happen: Electricity. Looking back at the past few decades, the manufacturing industry has been in a state of malaise, struggling to implement and reap the rewards of a digital transformation enjoyed by nearly every other major vertical. Manufacturing was thus unsurprisingly one of the hardest hit industries in the face of the pandemic due to its lack of ability to respond with agility and geographically localize. This time around, cloud-based 3D printing is the decades-old technology poised to take manufacturers out of the woods and up to new heights of supply chain efficiency and productivity. Right now, we are seeing one of […]

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