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3D Printing, Microfluidics & Organ-on-Chips Coming Together

3D Printing, Microfluidics & Organ-on-Chips Coming Together

Written by David

December 30, 2019


In the recently published ‘ Combining additive manufacturing with microfluidics: an emerging method for developing novel organs-on-chips ,’ Chinese researchers are exploring a complex but increasingly popular topic in 3D printing, combining the technology with devices like organs-on-chips (OOCs).


As additive manufacturing continues to spur on new developments in research and other areas such as education (in nearly every grade—all the way up to the highest graduate degrees) and engineering, greater innovation continues in OOCs, microfluidic platforms used to imitate the functionality of human organs.


While OOCs were initially much more rudimentary and lacking in necessary adjustability, today they are incredibly advanced as scientists move closer and closer to their goal of being able to transplant 3D printed organs into the human body with success. And while bioprinting has progressed immensely, the technique is still laden with challenges due to the delicate nature of tissue engineering. Recently, new efforts […]

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