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Polish Research Yields Innovative 3D Printed Energy Harvester

Polish Research Yields Innovative 3D Printed Energy Harvester

Written by David

December 30, 2019


In ‘ Pendulum base 3D printed electromagnetic energy harvester ,’ researchers Krzysztof Adamski and Rafał Walczak from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland presented their findings after fabricating an innovative harvesting operating system via inkjet technology.


While pendulum microgenerators are already patented and manufactured by three other companies currently, the researchers explained that their designs are not only expensive but are also ‘indirect,’ centered on only one inductor coil and microgear system; therefore, Adamski and Walczak have created a new system for direct power generation, with magnets.


The researchers used Autodesk Inventor Pro for 3D design and a Projet 3510 3D printer for fabrication, with Visijet M3 Crystal build materials and S300 support material. The new device was offered in three parts: Disk with mounted inductors coils Pendulum with installed neodymium magnets Housing “Thanks to 3D printing technology housing can be specially, designed for desired application, […]

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