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3d printing: New handles for old

3d printing: New handles for old

Written by Paul

December 20, 2020


Another request from a friend – our wardrobe handles have fallen apart and are no longer available.Is black ok? Yes, so long as we can open the cupboard with it, and can we have four please.


Luckily, although two of the originals had largely disintegrated (UV’s influence on ABS suspected), at least one was measurable – they were made by ‘Coburn’ by the way. EinW 3d print replace handleHalf an hour with Vernier calipers and DesignSpark Mechanical, followed by 2h20m of printing, and here is the prototype (right), printed in black Filamentive recycled PETg, alongside the old one. It took a long time to print, despite being only 80mm long, because the shape needs support material which ever way up it is printed, which weighed 7g compared with the handle at 10g.

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