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AM heralding new chapter for fluid flow applications

AM heralding new chapter for fluid flow applications

Written by Paul

December 20, 2020


Making the most of additive manufacturing (AM) is not only about installing the technology. As with anything, the deeper the knowledge of the process, the more one can get out of it and the more applications can be developed.


AM experts and application engineers are thus in a unique position, from which they can innovate and solve many challenges associated with traditional manufacturing. Perhaps no area illustrates this dynamic better than fluid flow applications, which exist across many industries that are driving adoption of AM: from automotive and motorsports, to aerospace, energy and beyond.


For years, our knowledge of fluid dynamics has gone beyond what we’ve been able to achieve using conventional manufacturing processes. Now, additive manufacturing is changing this reality, enabling engineers to produce optimized designs that would have previously been impossible to make. Thanks to AM, it […]

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